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Training the Split Step - Decision Step

This sequence demonstrates the split step where a decision has to be made in a very short period of time.
The overiding skill in this movement pattern is ball recognition with the player's receiving skills.
This movement has been naturally developed over time to react to the faster incoming ball to maximize the movement / time ratio.

Lateral Engagement

- Motor Learning / Control
- Receiving Skill: Catching
- Hip Mobility
- Speed Reaction
- Agility
- Coordination
- Sliding

- The coach starts with two balls. Tosses one ball to the left or right.
- Once the player catches the ball, the player tosses back and the coach feeds the next ball.
- Coach feeds at random with good timing to enable the player to succeed in the movement pattern.
- Perform 10 catches. Other players can also perform shadow movements.
NOTE: If the timing is too slow or fast, the player is not able to perform the movement organically.

Wall Ball

- Motor Learning / Control
- Receiving Skill: Catching
- Speed Reaction
- Hip Mobility
- Spacial Awareness
- Coordination

- One player is facing a wall about 6-8 feet away.
- The second player or coach is a 2 feet behind with a tennis ball.
- The player tosses the ball to the left or right of the player.
- Player receives the ball emphasizing stepping out with the lead foot in the direction of the ball i.e the jab step.
- Perform for 10 catches then switch.
NOTE: Players start in athletic stance and move with their legs, not their backs.