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00:24 Open Stromo​tion

The Stromotion module is found in the Pro versions of the software.

00:30 1. Select Clip

Open a clip from the Library.

Trim the clip.

01:04 2. Comput​ation of camera moveme​nt.

Set at least 2 alignment points in the background of the image. Select a stationary object which is distinguishable from other parts of the video. Click to add points. The marker will appear in the top and bottom images.

Now Start to show warping.

02:46 3. Panora​mic Image

The Start button processes and shows the panoramic image of a moving camera.

02:57 4. Create Clones

This step is where you select the parts of the image which will stay fixed on the subsequent frames of video and will appear as "clones" on the panorama image. To do this you will:

1. Identify key frames in the video clip where the performer or object is in a position of interest.

2. Draw around the "clone" object using a range of clone drawing tools.

3. Repeat the above for all key frames.

4. Save the project, result clip or panorama image

03:43 Publis​h

The publish wizard offers two options:

Still Image. Choose the photo format.
Video. The original video has each clone appear and remain on the video image as the movement develops.