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00:34 Tip for video

For best results:

1. Both clips must have the same background.

2. Clear images without burring are best.

00:45 Simulc​am module

Begin by opening the module for SimulCam which is found in the ProSuite and TeamPro versions.

00:51 1. Select and Synch

Step 1: Clips selection and synchronization

Open two clips
Synchroniz​e the clips
Browse the clips and trim the clips (set start and end)

01:57 2. Align Backgr​ounds

Step 2: Camera movement calculation

Drag and zoom to align the bacgrounds in each of the 3 combined images.

Zoom in/out using a scroll mouse or with [+] or [-] keys on the number area of the keyboard.

03:00 3. Blendi​ng mode

Select the blending mode based upon the background of the two clips.

03:38 Publis​h

Now Publish the video which creates one new video out of the two originals.

To play the new video, leave the Simulcam module and play in the Player module.