3-Player Safety but Count the Goal
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3-Player Safety but Count the Goal
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This situation is contact to the head by the defender while in the process of taking a shot on goal. The need to have patience in this situation is very important. You do not want to take the advantage away from the offense scoring a goal. As an evaluator of this particular incident, I said you could count the goal then issue a yellow card to the player for the contact to the head. That way you give the offense a goal but send a strong message to the defensive player that this is not acceptable. The coach involved was rightly upset, think about it. Wouldn't you rather have a goal than have to score on a power play. I suspose, but not my choice, an alternative would be to call a penalty foul since it was inside the 5M area and a probable goal. This situation just points out that a little bit of patience can work in you benefit.

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