1-Player Safety -Leading Up To a Head Butt
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1-Player Safety -Leading Up To a Head Butt
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There are three short video scenarios that depict situations that can lead to player safety issues. The first, a player at P2 area works to draw an ordinary foul by moving into the defender's space. This could have been called an offensive foul because of her use of the opposite hand (without the ball) attempting to keep the defender away. Her duck-in to the defender was deliberate and with an aggressive defender could become head to head contact. Something to keep in mind. If it were to make contact with the defender an offensive foul would be appropriate. The second can be confusing to the official on deck because it looks like the offensive player is trying to draw a foul when in fact, the defender used a one hand pull-in which is an exclusion foul. The third part is an actual head butt by the offensive player at the P1 area which the official sees and calls an offensive foul.

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