2-Exclusion Foul_2 players leave Incorrect Rule Application
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2-Exclusion Foul_2 players leave Incorrect Rule Application
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The attack referee calls an ordinary foul on the CFD. The drop defender from the P4 position flips the ball away in front of the CF and is excluded. The referee's signal was clear but the CFD thought that she was excluded so both players commense to leave the field of play. This left the CF unguarded and she receives a quick pass from P4, shooting the ball and scoring the goal. However, the attack referee nullifies the goal, calls for the ball and has the clocks reset. The ball is then given back to the offense. The coach protests the ruling by yelling at the officials. Rule 7 Exclusion Fouls Section 2 Art. 3 was incorrectly applied because a quick goal was scored. The clause, "should correct the situation if a goal has not been scored." should apply. It should be noted that the advantage is with the offensive team and a timely quick goal should be counted. However, this situation should not linger for more than five seconds. It should be very clear that a quick goal is not eminent before stopping play. If the referee's signals are clear it is the players responsiblity to know who has been excluded. The exclusion may create an advantage for the offense to score a quick goal rather than have to engage in a power play where the percentages can be less than 50% for a scoring opportunity.

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