5-CFD Using Player to Block Shot
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5-CFD Using Player to Block Shot
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Watch the CFD use his opponent holding and sinking to block a shot on goal. Rule 8 Penalty Fouls Section1. When Awarded
"It shall be a penalty foul to commit any of the following offenses in Rule 8-2 to Rule 8-8, which shall be punished by the award of a penalty throw to the opposing team."
Many times in these situations there is a lot going on which requires the officials to be very focused not just on the ball but the defensive players and watching how the adjust to the offenses play. The ball was deflected out of bounds called on the goalie so it became a corner throw. The advantage of slow motion shows the ball was deflected off the hand of the CFD. In addition, he leveraged his opponent by holding and sinking him to gain added height to deflect the shot. If caught this would be a Penalty Foul according to the rules as written.

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