6-Unusual Faceoff
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6-Unusual Faceoff
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A shot is taken on goal and rebounds off the cross-bar and deflects upward to bounce off the 3M diving board and then onto the pool deck. What would your call be?
RULE 5 / THROWS Page 41
Section 7. Neutral Throws—When Awarded
A neutral throw shall be awarded:
a. When, at the start of a period, a referee is of the opinion that the ball has fallen in a position to the definite advantage of one team;
b. When one or more players of opposing teams commit an ordinary foul at the same moment that makes it impossible for the referees to distinguish which player offended first;
c. When both referees blow their whistles at the same moment to award ordinary fouls to the opposing teams;
d. When neither team has possession of the ball and one or more players of opposing teams commit an exclusion foul at the same moment. The neutral throw shall be taken after the offending players have been excluded; or
e. When the ball strikes or lodges in an overhead obstruction.

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