Advanced Decision Training
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Advanced Decision Training
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The athlete starts in the centre of a set of 8 cones labelled as shown. In this case, a two character expression is shouted to start. E.g. S4. The athlete has to interpret that the first of the two characters is the cone he must run to and touch. A combination of numbers asnd letters is used to add some complexity. With each 30 second trial the caller stands at a different position. A one minute rest is given between each trial. Two trials require the second character to identify the target cone and two the first character. Any wrong decision-even a shoulder or foot moving to the wrong cone-is scored as a zero and the correct decision gets a 1. We record accuracy as a percentage. Also, we track the distance travelled in 30 seconds by pre-planning the route and calculating the straight line distance between any two cones. We recognize that this is not comparable among athletes unless they have very similar running speed, but our concern is tracking each athlete's progress. For this athlete, he has moved from a 6 cone single number called to an 8 cone configuration with a two character call out. He has performed at an above 90% accuracy up to this trial and has gained in total travel distance as well. The next phase will move to a sport specfic decision rather than a cone touch.

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