Webinar 3: Create your own tagging panel
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Webinar 3: Create your own tagging panel
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Webinar 3: Create your own tagging panel

At this end of this webinar you will:

1. Understand the process to create a personalized tagging panel
2. Be familiar with the toolbox available for the creation of a tagging panel
3. Understand the various layout options for a tagging panel
4. Be familiar with the Team manager tool (to manage players in your team)

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is designed for:

- Dartfish users who have attended webinar 1 and 2.
- People who have bought a Dartfish solution (Live S or Pro S) and wish to acquire the tools to develop and set-up their own tagging panel.
- Topics / notions to present:
- Creation process for a tagging panel from scratch
- Presentation of the event tools
- Event
- Continuous Even
- Presentation of the keyword tools
- Keyword
- Persistent keywords
- Zone tool
- Score panel
-Presentation of the Panel Layout Tools
- Grids
- Tabs
- Presentation of the Team Manager
- Create a team
- Import players
- Players Group box.

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