Webinar 2: Create a movie with highlights and analysis
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Webinar 2: Create a movie with highlights and analysis
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Webinar 2: Create a movie with highlights and analysis

At this end of this webinar you will:

1. Create an easy montage with highlights
2. Insert still shots in a montage
3. Use Dartfish analysis tools to enrich your montage (Drawing tools, side by side, text enrichment, etc..)
4. Understand the basic statistics module in Dartfish

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is designed for:

- Dartfish users who have attended webinar 1.
- People who have bought a Dartfish solution (Live S or Pro S) and wish to consolidate their notion in the field of video editing and analysis.

Notions covered:

- Overview of the “Edit” workspace
- Understanding of the different options to select highlights to include in the montage
- Enrich the montage with Dartfish drawing tools
- Create still shots
- Save and share your montage
- Edit data tables and / frequency table based on keywords and tags.

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