Automatic player tracking for team sports
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Automatic player tracking for team sports
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At this end of this webinar you will:
• Have a status update on Dartfish Player Tracking Solution for sports.
• Understand the link between Player Tracking Technology and other Dartfish solutions
• Understand the process to create an Automatic Tagging session using Dartfish Pro S software
• Know the technical requirements to deploy the Dartfish Player Tracking Solution
• Understand the opportunities in term of Big Data and Machine Learning brought by this technology

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is designed for:
• Forward thinking team sport managers and coaches eager to understand how player tracking technology can make a winning difference for their teams.
• For Leagues managers, Media and Event Organizers looking for innovative solutions to enhance the in-game fan experience.
• Anyone interested in the collection and analysis of big data in team sports.

Notions covered:
• Dartfish Player tracking setup
• Underlying technology and basic understanding of the requirements
• Understand the data delivered by the system and how it can be used

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