Discover Dartfish and tag your first game!
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Discover Dartfish and tag your first game!
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Discover Dartfish and tag your first game!

At this end of this webinar you will:

1. Be familiar with the working environment of the latest Dartfish software
2. Understand the Replay working space, designed for post-game analysis
3. Be able to tag a game using Dartfish standard tagging panels provided by default in the software

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is designed for:

- People who have never used any Dartfish solution.
- People who have bought a Dartfish solution (Live S or Pro S) but wish to consolidate basic notions.
- Customers who are running an old edition of a Dartfish solution and wish to discover the latest Dartfish solutions.

Notions covered:

- Short introduction of Dartfish working spaces (Library / Live / Replay / Edit)
- Management of the video files (tray)
- Video control in replay mode (slow motion, +1 frame, back and forth, fast forward, jog wheel)
- Introduction to tagging (theoretical, why do tagging?)
- Team tactics review analysis (own team and competition)
- Player performance review with selected highlights (preparation and learning)
- Generate basic statistics
- Introduction to the basic tagging panels included by default
- Basic notions of tagging in Replay
- Tag modifications during the replay
- Reset
- Share tagged video (as a whole)

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