Presentation of the Dartfish Ecosystem
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Presentation of the Dartfish Ecosystem
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At this end of this webinar you will:
• Understand the Dartfish ecosystem as well as the underlying working process.
• Understand which solution Dartfish is developing for each step of this working process.
• Be familiar with 3-4 Use cases from Dartfish customers.
• Illustrate how the Dartfish ecosystem is opened to connect with other ecosystems.

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is designed for:
• Prospects eager to get a better understanding of the Dartfish solutions and tools.
• Dartfish customers interested in getting an updated overview of the Dartfish ecosystem.
• Organizations interested in improving content circulation and sharing (incl. fan engagement), either within the Dartfish tools or by connecting the Dartfish platform to another through an API.

Notions covered:
• Presentation of the working process underlying Dartfish ecosystem (Capture – Analyze – Share).
• Deep dive in each of the 3 steps of the process.
• Short presentations of 3-4 use cases from Dartfish customers.
• Review of all possible ways to interact with Dartfish ecosystem.

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