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10 and Under Tennis Competencies

public, 45 videos

The 10 and Under Tennis Competency videos are designed to provide coaches, players and parents specific guidelines and skill proficiencies that young players should possess prior to moving from one play format to the next (Red to Orange, Orange to Green and Green to Yellow).

10 And Under Tennis Group Instruction

public, 13 videos

The 10 And Under Tennis Group Instruction videos are designed to help tennis teachers and coaches manage different size groups and levels of players. Scenarios are developed for the red and orange courts that feature skill work, games, and athletic development.

2015 Team USA Sectional Camp Drills

public, 9 videos

2015 Team USA Sectional Camp Drills

Andy Brandi Drills May 2015

public, 6 videos

Andy Brandi Drills May 2015

Beni Linder - Quickness and Agility

public, 5 videos

Drills from the ITF Convention Leon, Mexico. Speed and agility exercises from Beni Linder. Beni Linder is responsible for all fitness-related aspects at the National Training Centre and the
Swiss Tennis Academy.

Competitive Pathway Webinar

public, subscribe to get free downloads, 1 video

Competitive Pathway Webinar

Early Development Center Camp

public, 1 video

Collection of video describing camp activities.

EDC Athletic Development Drills

public, 8 videos

EDC Athletic Development Drills

High Performance Coaching E-Newsletter

public, 22 videos

Collection of instructional video content for the High Performance Newsletter

High Performance Coaching Program Drill Exchange

public, 0 video

A collection of tennis drill videos submitted by graduates of the USTAPD High Performance Coaching Program.

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Featured collection

This is a public collection featuring some of the pro video clips that are available on the USTA website.

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