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2016 NCAA Women's Championship

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2016 NCAA Women's Championship

2017 NCAA Women's Championship Game

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NCAA-W17 UCLA_Stanford Special Notification

All comments on clips were made by the CWPA Coordinator of Officials upon review of the game. The comments do not represent the views or thoughts of the NCAA Coordinator of Officials nor The National Evaluators ...

Area-2M Situations

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Various situations at the Center Forward or 2M position. Examples of: Exclusion fouls, Offensive fouls, No Calls, and Penalty fouls.

Area-Ball in Play Situations

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NCAA Rule 19 Section 4
Free Throw How Taken- NEW RULE CHANGE examples

Area-Ducking under Situations

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Ducking under to a position of advantage is a probable foul. It can happen in transition, at CF position and on the perimeter in driving situations. It can be an exclusion foul or an offensive foul (contra). It is a judgement call by the referee as to an advantage gained or lost.

Area-Exclusion Fouls vs Penalty Fouls

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The NCAA rule book "For a defending player to commit any foul within 5-meter area but for which a goal probably would have resulted." The key focus should be on any foul and a probably goal. There is nothing in the rule that specifies player location relative to the goal.

Area-Perimeter Situations

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Clips that illustrate good "no call" situations, examples of exclusion fouls, contra fouls and good ordinary fouls. Officials need to know when the ball is in hand. Looking for the defensive players actions is important but you need to focus on the ball (hand on-no foul)

Area-Pick Situations

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Examples of various pick situations on the perimeter and at the 2M area.

Area-Pushing off

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Pushing off a player with a hand to the defender to gain an advantage whether passing or shooting has become a problem that needs to be understood. Any player with the ball is not entitled to use his or her opposite hand to maintain space or push off their defender. It's impeding

Area-Unusual Situations

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Examples of situations that just don't happen very often but can be very controversial even through the proper application of the rule was enforced. Some situations are where the rules weren't applied properly. Hopefully these clips will be educational and enhance our experiences

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2016 NCAA Women's Championship