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Breaking at a Penalty Corner 2
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Rules 13.7d: -

For an offence during the taking of a penalty corner : a goalkeeper, or player with goalkeeping privileges, crosses the goal-line before permitted, the defending team defends the penalty corner with one fewer player : the penalty corner is taken again

Guidance: -
The defending team nominates which player is required to go beyond the centre-line, and they cannot be replaced by another defender.

If a goalkeeper, or player with goalkeeping privileges, at this or any subsequently re-taken penalty corner crosses the goal-line before permitted, the defending team is required to nominate a further player to go beyond the centre- line, and they cannot be replaced.

A penalty corner is considered as re-taken until any of the conditions of Rules 13.5 (for PCs in normal time) and 13.6 (for PCs at half-time and full-time) for its completion are met.

A subsequently awarded penalty corner, as opposed to a re-taken penalty corner, may be defended by up to five players.

Interpretation: -
The Umpire indicates that the Penalty Corner may proceed. Prior to the ball being injected, the goalkeeper crosses the goal-line before permitted. The Umpire then 'holds' the Penalty Corner, advising that one of the defenders has to go beyond the centre-line in place of the goalkeeper. The player nominated by the defending team then runs to beyond the centre-line.

The attachment shows the relevant slides from the 2015 Umpire Managers Briefing for Umpires.