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16 days ago in Sport Nutrition
Good and Bad Fats in an Athlete's Diet
Fats are an important part of the athlete's diet, but not all fats are created equal. This video talks about the difference between good fats and bad fats, and some easy sources for healthy fats ...
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45 days ago in Sport Science
Strength and Conditioning with Minimal Equipment
A great progression of strength and conditioning exercises well suited for traveling on the road or doing at home with little or no equipment.
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71 days ago in Sport Science
Supplemental Training
U.S. Ski Team coach Jason Cork talks to coaches about the purpose of supplemental training sessions and what to focus on.
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104 days ago in Sport Nutrition
Ways to Get Calcium in Athlete's Diet
Calcium is an important and often overlooked nutrient in an athlete's diet. USSA High Performance Chef tells you how you can be sure to get the calcium you need.
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114 days ago in Sports Medicine
Review of Injury Prevention Routines
USSA Medical Rehabilitation Specialist Jen Kimball reviews the basics of injury prevention routines and shares links for more information.
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124 days ago in Alpine
Martin Guyer on Fundamentals
USSA Eastern Regional Coach Martin Guyer shares his ideas on fundamentals for tech events.
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134 days ago in Alpine
Framing Drill for GS Radius Turns
When making GS turns, the upper body orientation should generally mirror the lead change at the feet. Lead change varies throughout the turn to maintain flexion in both ankles. If the skier thinks ...
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134 days ago in Cross Country
Supple Ankles for Double Poling
U.S. Ski Team coach Jason Cork explains the importance of keeping ankles supple for efficient movement and to avoid chronic back pain when using the double poling technique. These simple examples ...
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136 days ago in Sport Nutrition
Building a Strong Immune System Through Diet
By making sure a few essential minerals are included in your athlete diet, you can boost your immune system and reduce the chances of getting sick during the winter season.
1 new video added
166 days ago in Sport Science
Strength Exercises Part 2
USSA Strength and Conditioning Coach Bob Poehling demonstrates four more leg and core exercises for skiers and riders to help strengthen less commonly trained muscles such as the tibialis anterior ...
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