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22 days ago in Alpine
Mikaela Shiffrin - Key Points To Course Inspection
Keys to inspection:
1. Memorize rhythm and rhythm changes – including changes in distance between gates ...
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26 days ago in Cross Country
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30 days ago in Sport Science
Rotation Exercises with a Medicine Ball
There are a wide variety of exercises athletes can use to train the torso — all the muscles and connective tissues linking the lower and upper body. Here, USSA Strength & Conditioning Coach Michael ...
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32 days ago in Cross Country
2016 U.S Cross Country Ski Championship Skate Sprint Jr Men Finals
1 401 Henry Harmeyer USA University of Vermont MU20 3:24.57
2 409 Lars Hannah USA University of Denver MU20 3:26.39 ...
2016 U.S. Cross Country Ski ... 2016 U.S. Cross Country Ski ...
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61 days ago in Freestyle
Garland Drill
Caleb Martin, U.S. Ski Team Moguls Coach, takes us through the Garland Drill. This is an excellent edging & pressure exercise with an emphasis on stance. It is performed while traversing across ...
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61 days ago in Sport Nutrition
Good Better Best Leafy Veggies
Did you know that not all green veggies are created equal. Allen Tran, MS, RD, USSA High Performance Chef takes us through the good, better, best options to leafy veggies.
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87 days ago in Alpine
Sasha Rearick Giant Slalom Tips For Youth Athletes
U.S. Ski Team, Men's Alpine Head Coach, Sasha Rearick talks about two fundamentals to focus on for Giant Slalom.
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87 days ago in Freestyle
Slip and Tip
The Slip and Tip drill is an edging an pressure exercise best performed on intermediate to advanced terrain. The goal is for the athletes to keep the shin pressured against the front of the boot ...
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95 days ago in Cross Country
Basic Herringbone
U.S. Nordic Ski Team Coach, Jason Cork provides 5 key points to the Herringbone.
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95 days ago in Sport Science
Components to Building a Warm Up Routine
Michael Naperalsky, USSA Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach explains the key components to a building a warm up routine so that athletes are ready go 100 % right from the start of their ...
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